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Wife of Johnny Ramone, President of Ramones Productions, Inc., and Fashion Icon

John Doe, Henry Rollins, and Steve Jones Celebrate Johnny Ramone

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If you’ve ever gone to an event at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, chances are you’ve stopped by Johnny Ramone’s grave to pay respect or just gape at the memorial’s majesty. Sunday night, at the twelfth annual Johnny Ramone Tribute, the punk legend’s wife, Linda, invited thousands of Ramones fans into the cemetery to pay respects and celebrate the man’s life and legacy while supporting the Johnny & Linda Ramone Foundation, which donates to prostate cancer research and animal rescue.

This year’s attractions included back-to-back screenings of cult punk films Ladies and Gentlementhe Fabulous Stains and Rock & Roll High School. The latter’s cast and crew reunited for the first time ever (!) for a panel alongside Steve Jones (Sex Pistols and Jonesy’s Jukebox on KLOS), John Doe of X, and the ever-well-spoken Henry Rollins, who delivered an impassioned speech on the Ramones’ influence. “What the Ramones gave us will always be in our DNA – we can never get it out!” he declared, and thousands agreed. With the 40th anniversary of the classic Ramones having just passed, there will

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